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Effectively having you affiliated with the largest debit system in China at the moment. 

Know more about Unionpay

Union Pay is the payment processor of choice for many consumers – today, 60% of UK merchants are accepting Union Pay cards to accommodate the Chinese tourist market.

With over 400 domestic and overseas associate members, Union Pay is the largest domestic bankcard service provider in China – today, it has over 750 million registered card holders.

Overseas businesses have been on their toes to offer Union Pay services to cardholders – simply because it makes for a pleasant and straightforward shopping experience for Chinese consumers.

Union Pay’s services are now offered by more than 23 million businesses and 1.64 million ATMs, in 168 countries and regions.

Expand your business by embracing Union Pay’s digital real time payment services.

​Unionpay Mobile Quickpass

UnionPay Mobile QuickPass is a whole set of mobile payment solutions that include contactless and in-app payment with mobile phones, UnionPay QR code payment and contactless payment with wearables. It offers all-round services to issuers, acquirers, merchants and cardholders. Now, UnionPay Mobile QuickPass is accepted at about 1 million POS terminals in about 20 countries and regions outside mainland China.

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