Point of Sale solution--Fusionpay POS

simplify your day to day operations in any manner possible


FusionPay’s Innovative POS Technology


A POS machine installed along with the FusionPay payment app lets consumers seamlessly generate QR codes

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Scan them at the same time to pay effortlessly in a way they are accustomed to.



1.7% per transaction + (£150 deposit and £15 monthly rental)

FusionPay’s Innovative POS Technology

FusionPay’s uniquely tailored payment processing solutions are built around your requirements for every market segment. 


Buyers generate a QR code
Buyers generate a QR code on their mobile payment wallets(AliPay or WeChat Pay).


Scan the QR code


Confirm payment
Merchants scan the QR code in AliPay/WeChat Pay with the FusionPay POS machine
Merchants confirm the payment on FusionPay POS terminal.


Payment succeed
Merchants are directed to payment success page and sales receipt is printed automatically.