​Tencent company overview

Tencent is your gateway to accessing the Chinese consumer market, given its reputation as the single-most reputable online products and services company in Asia.

​Cover all touchpoints

Tencent is your gateway to reach your Chinese traveler audience as the largest and most respected internet company in Asia


Reach Chinese users while they are still in China

​All ad formats supported


Reach Chinese travelers while they are in-market

Support Qzone Mobile & Wechat Moments only (beta)


​Reach local users (e.g., Singaporean/ Malaysian Wechat users

​Support Wechat Moments Only


The world's No.1 social communications platform for Chinese around the world

  • 938M Monthly Active Users

  • 20M+ Verified Official Accounts

  • 80% of Users Follow Official Accounts

  • ​USD $1.76B Generated by Brands from OAs in Lifestyle Spending

  • ​Audience of Social, Affluent, Trendsetters

We can help your business more efficient

Set up WeChat Official Accounts, you need a targeted direct marketing channel to drive followers to your Official Account.

As the WeChat equivalent of a Facebook page, you can:

  • Gather followers

  • Send them push notifications

  • Redirect them to a website/e-commerce

​Brand Banner Ad & one-click to follow

Brand & publisher mutual selection ads by publisher articles & KOL

Wechat Moments Native Ads by Image / Text / Video 

​Leveraging users'social graph, family & friends can interact with the ads through likes and comments.

WeChat Mini Program 

We’ll also help you develop mini-programs – “sub applications” within the WeChat ecosystem which are available “at your fingertips”. Users can open them via several entrances. Apps will be all around and ready to use, and there is no need to install or uninstall.

Work as the disruptive game changer, you can do anything you need to advance user experience in the mini program. Gain access to more features such as task management, WeChat e-commerce platform, customised coupons, push notifications, Lifestyle content, etc.

Please contact us for more information.

Call 020 3225 5505 to discuss your business requirements or contact us.
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