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Take a Look at those Two VERY BRTISH Lifestyle Brands

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

FusionPay has partnered with two VERY BRITISH lifestyle brands: Cath Kidston - caring your lovely home & Miller Harris - an authentic heart who see the beauty in the ordinary, which means a mixted traditional and conventional British style are at your hand with more payment options: WeChat Pay & Alipay.

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Home Refurnishing, British Retail

Cath Kidston

As a cheerful and fun British heritage brand with a twist, Cath Kidston renowned for its colourful and bold patterns and prints. Offering a range of clothing, accessories and homeware products including bags, purses, iPhone cases and pyjamas to women and kids, the Cath Kidston brand is simple and uncluttered, inspired by the Cath Kidston’s nostalgic childhood in the British countryside. Using popular prints such as floral patterns, spots and stars, the Cath Kidston product range is energetic, colourful and the perfect choice to liven up your day. If you like Disney, you'll love the magical limited edition Cath Kidston Disney collection.

Cath Kidston was a motif lover, an antique fabric dealer and even once opened a tiny curtain shop. Cath, at that time, had no clue that her devotion to decorative designs would gear her up for the upcoming big thing until the historic moment came while she was simply flipping magazine pages. The concept to create the brand abruptly came up to her right at the second that she was bewitched by the rose-wallpaper bathroom inside the copy. Time and tide wait for no man. She, at once, established her own label with the concept of ‘Modern Vintage’. Cath Kidston later became a household name around the world.

Here are stories of the 3 classic prints of Cath Kidston that you may want to know.

1.Antique Rose Bouquet (1993)

After settling vintage-vibe stores in Holland Park and Notting Hill, the founder debuted her first ever print, ‘Rose Bouquet’ by reinterpreting a traditional rose wallpaper she once saw in Wales. The artwork was originally delivered in a lot of things from cushions, bags to iron table cloths.

2.Strawberry (1999)

As the childhood strawberry pinafore was engraved on her heart, Cath emerged it in her ‘modern vintage’ way to form her personal ‘Strawberry’. Today, this creation comes in pink, light yellow, white and blue.

3.Stanley (2007)

Cath drew inspiration of this artistry from Stanley, her beloved lakeland terrier dog. She not only took him as a model but also honored him by naming the print after him. The original Stanley is a dog wearing red sweater.



Luxury Fragrance, British Retail

Miller Harris

Lyn Harris is a British independent perfumer who created the fragrance lines Miller Harris and Perfumer H. Harris grew up in Yorkshire and Scotland. She trained in perfumery with Monique Schlienger in Paris and then worked with Robertet in Grasse. In 2000, Harris created the Miller Harris perfume and candle line with her partner Christophe Michel, and became known for fragrances like L'Air de Rien and Citron Citron, London-based private equity fund Neo Capital took a stake in the company in 2012.

"At Miller Harris, we breathe colour and life into the classic perfumer's art, celebrating the joy of everyday life and carefully combining natural ingredients foraged from unlikely places to create a truly unique fragrance experiences. "

1.Luxury Fragrance

Firmly based in London, their luxury fragrances are a labour of love, designed to tell vivid stories. Miller Harris renowned for being a vibrant force with our iconic perfumes; a spritz of Scherzo gives you a rush of sweetness, Tea Tonique is captivating and worldly and a dash of L'Air de Rien evokes the life and style of Jane Birkin.

Amongst these classics, three London fragrances have conducted that encapsulates its sense of adventure. HIDDEN on the Rooftops is a mesmerising honey and floral fragrance leading you to the crisp green privet of a rooftop garden. LOST in the City is an intense mix of green ferns and wild rhubarb that brings back vibrant memories of a first trip into the big city. WANDER Through the Parks has the earthiness of stinging nettles, flower stems, blended beautifully with fresh notes of pink grapefruit and mandarin.

2. Home Collection

Reinvigorating the Miller Harris' Home Range with Beautiful new Fragrances in Ceramic vessels, and Room Sprays.

3. Bath & Body

A beautifully scented Bath & Body collection, with formulations specially developed to enrich the skin. This luxurious collection comprises of hand washes and lotions, body creams, shower gels, body scrubs and bath oils.




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