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Chinese nationals collectively spent nearly £700 million in 2017 when they visited the UK – mobile payments were the preferred method among Chinese tourists.

By integrating with the most innovative Chinese mobile payment method, you’re opening your doors to well over 600 million overseas customers. For majority of Chinese shoppers, it is “the” go-to payment method for online purchases.

1 Billion+

active monthly users


Chinese mobile payment market shares


Countries and regions


Alipay’s popularity has steadily risen due to the fact that it allows consumers to link their digital wallet through a mobile app, allowing them to pay on the go as they please. Due to this convenience, the platform sees 175 million transactions each day.

Connecting with AliPay-- your payment processing bridge. 

500 Million+

active monthly users


Chinese mobile payment market shares

170 Million+

Daily transactions


Countries and regions


Union Pay is the largest domestic bankcard service provider in China today. Overseas businesses have been on their toes to offer Union Pay services to cardholders – simply because it makes for a pleasant and straightforward shopping experience for Chinese consumers.


80 Million+

7 Billion+


Global card market share

UnionPay app users

registered card holders

Countries and regions

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