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FusionPay launched first mini program live streaming in Europe

FusionPay is pleased to launch the very first live streaming WeChat Mini Program Live Overseas for e-Commerce platform Oriental Bu in the UK on June 5th. WeChat Mini Program Live is a live video streaming service that enables merchants to broadcast from their mobile devices directly to their WeChat Mini Program user base.

The Mini program live overseas is well connected with cross boarder payment WeChat Pay, and FusionPay is the first provider to launch all in one solution to European users.

Tencent enabled live streaming to be integrated into a WeChat Mini Program in 2020. Compared with other social media apps, WeChat has more loyal and targeted user base. WeChat Mini Program Live provides another engaging medium – live video streaming, for e-Commerce.

The fast-growing live streaming market size has reached RMB 112bn (c. $16bn) in 2020, and since WeChat Live’s launch in China, live streaming video has exploded in popularity. WeChat Mini Program’s 300 million DAU brings significant traffic opportunity for the brands and retailers. The booming live streaming industry is the next feature that WeChat hope to leverage to draw more traffic for its e-Commerce brands.

FusionPay, partnered with WeChat Pay and Alipay also helps UK merchants better capture Chinese consumers through their integrated marketing solutions. As a pioneer of cross-border mobile payment in Europe, FusionPay is committed to provide innovative cross-border payment solutions, value added financial services, cross-border logistics and marketing solutions all-in-one. Its advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence technology has built an open, stable and secure system and financial service platform. FusionPay now has presence in UK, Germany, Italy and other European countries such as France, Czech Republic and Sweden.

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