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Nottingham(UK)--China Business Forum & The 2nd Fusionpay Nottingham Mayor Reception

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

On June 28th, 2019, the Nottingham City Council hosted a China Business Forum and the 2nd Annual Nottingham Mayor Reception with the goal of supporting the development of trade and investment relationships between the UK and China. About 100 representatives from 50 businesses appeared at the event, most of them being local merchants, also including a multitude of VIP guests that included the Department of International Trade, the Embassy of China in the UK, among many others. The main supporters of this event were the University of Nottingham, China Unicom, Hino Travel, East Midlands, and FusionPay being the Major Title sponsor.

The Chief Executive of the Nottingham City Council kicked off the event with a short speech to introduce the speakers after him and to introduce the event as a whole. Representatives from government and local businesses then took the floor to discuss further on UK-China relations and how each countries business policies affect them. Beyond just policy they also explored the similarities and differences between the two markets to promote information sharing from all parties.


FusionPay being the major title sponsor has a large interest in Chinese-UK relations, being a smart solution provider for merchants to accept cross border payments from Alipay and WeChat Pay—the two largest third payment provider in China. China is almost an entirely cashless economy so Chinese tourists will depend on these electronic payment services to handle their financial needs abroad. As for the merchants, incorporating the Alibaba and Tencent ecosystems with Alipay and WeChat Pay will bring a familiar face to Chinese tourists. Which in turn will increase foot traffic and lead to more revenue.

“We aim to connect UK merchants with Chinese customers through efficient cross-border payment systems and multi-channel marketing solutions”

said the Director of FusionPay, “FusionPay enables Chinese customers to pay Chinese Yuan directly without exchanging, while payments can be settled in British Pounds on the merchant’s account.”

“WeChat Pay and Alipay are blazing a trail for players across Europe, and the rest of the world. It is now simpler than ever to welcome Chinese shoppers in the store! FusionPay would like to help UK merchants open the doors to Chinese consumers with their smart payment and marketing solutions.said the Director of Fusionpay.



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